Lung Cancer Screening Articles

Early detection lung cancer screening with low-dose CT scans lets doctors find lung cancers early, when they are small and still very curable. According to our research, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in October 2006, over 80% of patients who have a lung cancer detected by CT screening can be cured. When the lung cancer is found early, and the patient receives treatment right away, the cure rate rises to 92%. Without early detection screening, over 95% of lung cancer patients eventually die from their lung cancer, usually within a few years of when they are diagnosed.

Screening is an important and personal decision. Our first articles, in The Lancet and The New York Times, may be useful to help you and your doctor to familiarize with the results of our research. Additional research articles, which provide more information on different aspects of screening, are provided in the Publications and News sections of this site.

We hope that the lung cancer screening articles here on our site will help you to understand the news on lung cancer screening, and what it means for you. As always, your best bet is to discuss lung cancer screening with your doctor to decide whether it is right for you.