I-ELCAP Investigator Dr. Shusuke Sone Honored with the Asahi Cancer Award

Nov 9 2006

We are very happy to announce that Dr. Shusuke Sone, from Azumi General Hospital, was awarded the prestigious Asahi Cancer Award on September 15, 2006, in Fukushima, Japan. Dr. Sone has been conducting research in lung cancer screening in Japan since 1996, has published significant papers on it, and is a valued member of the I-ELCAP team.

The Asahi Cancer Award is given by the Japan Cancer Society (JCS) to recognize work that deals with promising themes in the areas of cancer research, development of equipment, and patient support activities. Established in 1958, the JCS is the only privately organized anti-cancer movement in Japan, and is working to develop a national cancer prevention campaign to educate the public about cancer and urge them to undergo screening.

With the key goal of preventing cancer, the JCS seeks to promote a non-smoking society, promote cancer screening, and improve cancer treatment and quality of life for survivors. For more information on the Japan Cancer Society, visit http://www.jcancer.jp/en.

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