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Research Library

For more than twenty years, I-ELCAP researches have explored the potential life-saving benefits of using low-dose CT scans for annual lung cancer screening. This research has resulted in scores of peer-reviewed publications, as well as extensive media coverage and a set of protocols that guide the research and practice of I-ELCAP member screening sites.

Recent Publications

  • Henschke CI, Yip R, Yankelevitz DF, Smith JP for the I-ELCAP Investigators. CT screening for lung cancer: update of the definition of positive test result and its implications. Annals of Internal Medicine 2013; 158: 246-252
  • Austin JJ, Yip R, D-Souza BM, Yankelevitz DF, Henschke CI for the I-ELCAP Investigators.. Small-cell carcinoma of the lung detected by CT screening: stage distribution and curability. Radiology 2012; 76-339-343;
  • Farooqi AO, Cham M, Zhang L, Beasley MB, Austin AJM, Miller A, Zulueta JJ, Roberts H, Cole E, Kao S, Thorsen MK, Smith JP, Yip R, Yankelevitz DF, Henschke CI for the I-ELCAP Investigators.. Lung Cancer Associated with Cystic Airspaces. . AJR 2012: 1999; 781-785